Reid Park Best Ball Rules Clarifications

April 13, 2019

Playing the ball up everywhere does not mean moving the ball anywhere you want!
Up everywhere means you are allowed to place your ball within one club length of it's original position, no nearer to the hole. You are not allowed to move it more than one club length to remove your ball from trouble. No exceptions!

Dropping from bunkers
At times of the year when bunkers are not being maintained, we may choose to drop out of the bunkers. This means you can take your ball out of the bunker at the nearest point of relief. It does not mean you can take it out of the bunker and place it to the side to avoid chipping over the bunker. Once again, no exceptions!

Group enforcement and protecting the field
We expect that all players will play by the rules and that all members of all groups will take action when they see a player breaking the rules. This means that all players are expected to enforce the rules within their group and protect the rest of the field when playing.

If it comes to our attention that a player is constantly breaking the rules, the player will receive one warning and, if they continue this behavior, they will be banned from playing in our group. Remember, golf is a gentleman's game and we expect you to play the game accordingly!